Inside Lenovo’s data centre group [Podcast]

Stefan Bockhop, director of channels, Lenovo Canada

Stefan Bockhop, director of channels, Lenovo Canada

In this edition of the Podcast, host Robert Dutt is joined by Don Frame, director of Lenovo North America’s data centre group, and Stefan Bockhop, director of channels for Lenovo Canada, to discuss Lenovo’s strategy in the private cloud infrastructure space.

While the vendor is certainly famous for its endpoint devices, particularly in the commercial and enterprise markets, it’s a relative newcomer to the data centre game, having purchased IBM’s Intel-based server business just last year. But is being new to the game mean a disadvantage, or does it allow the company to bring a fresh perspective to a new market? And how is Lenovo enabling its channel to respond to this new opportunity?

Frame and Bockhop discuss that, and much more, in this edition.

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