ZyXEL launches new information site as it intensifies security push

One Security is a free resource designed to be a ‘one stop shop’ for ZyXEL security, providing information, support and easy access to licensing. It will become increasingly important as ZyXEL deepens its security presence, which will include a new product line early next year.

ZyXel PageNetworking vendor ZyXEL has been placing increased access on the secure aspect of its solutions as customer concerns around security rise. It’s the motivation behind their new website onesecurity.zyxel.com.

One Security is a free resource providing network security information for both SMB customers and partners to help them protect their networks from today’s modern security threats. It includes the latest threat updates and advisories, as well as other information about threat protection. Information is presented through walkthroughs, troubleshooting, FAQs, demos and videos.

“We are continuing to support our channel growth with both products and services, and this information and education site is a good example of that,” said Steven Joe, executive vice president for channel business for Americas at ZyXEL. “When everything is located in one place, it’s much easier.”

One Security is designed to make it easy to see what products and approaches work well for a wide range of different businesses and scenarios. It is also intended to cut support demands for both ZyXEL and its partners, by providing an easy to use self-service option

Joe said the site is designed for ZyXEL partners as well as customers.

“It’s for both,” he said. “Having to do multiple searches is time consuming, and it’s all in one place, including licenses. Partners themselves can do their licensing here, as well as get the kind of information they need about support. Our other support services still exist off-site, but for security, this encompasses everything. We will eventually expand it, but it is just focused on security now.

The plan is to deepen the content going forward and make it more of a social sharing site.

“Right now, the content is largely from ZyXEL and is things that we have created,” Joe said. “A community component is coming, however. We are reaching out to our customer base encouraging them to import their own information, including success stories and horror stories, to share it with the community.” All the content will be approved by ZyXEL before it goes live.

“By making the site continually more robust, it will become a valuable tool for the sharing of information,” Joe said. “Once the channel community is educated about it, they will use it as well.”

This type of site is a first for ZyXEL.

“We have been so technically oriented in the past,” he said. “ZyXEL is just catching up in this area. We want to educate our customer base and give them a central place to have support 24 hours a day.”

Joe said the site will be increasingly important as ZyXEL deepens its presence in security.

“By the beginning of next year, we will be launching a new security line, as we continue to move up and move over into this area,” he said.

ZyXEL, which built up its business in the carrier space at one end of the market, and the consumer space at the other, is a relative newcomer to the SMB market. Joe, who was President and CEO of D-Link for over two decades, came to ZyXEL at the beginning of 2011 to drive the company’s SMB and channel efforts.

“We have not yet reached our pinnacle where I feel it’s perfect, but given that we were once carrier- based with a consumer component, and SMB was area of small focus, we have grown SMB significantly,” Joe said. “Give us a little more time and you will see even more interesting things from ZyXEL in the SMB area.”