Managed services: Customer asking for it by name [Video]

When Gavin Garbutt, president and CEO of N-able Technologies asked 300-plus MSPs in attendance at the company’s 2010 Partner Summit in Scottsdale, Ariz. last week how many had customers specifically asking them for flat-fee IT services, a funny thing happened. The majority in the room put up their hands.

Compare that to just a few short years ago, when Garbutt said barely a handful had seen such an “ask for it by name” action from customers, and it would seem the challenge of educating customers about the benefits of managed services may be mostly in the past. sat down with Garbutt at the Summit to discuss the increase in customer pull for managed services, and what it will mean for MSPs. Also on the table: the future of N-able’s successful freemium strategy; a rundown of three new offerings the company’s bringing to MSPs; and the importance of automation in N-able future roadmap.

Garbutt also offers a bit of solid – if unsurprising – advice to managed services providers to round out the video.


You can find part one of’s video interview with Garbutt here, addressing the state of the Canadian MSP market; the sustainability of the current growth in managed devices worldwide; and Garbutt’s view on the midmarket opportunity for managed services.