Hyperautomation startup Torq launches first partner program with high rewards tied to delivering customer satisfaction

Torq’s technology was designed to provide a better alternative to the SOARs in the marketplace today, and while to date they have sold in the Fortune 500, they are looking to the channel to broaden that out.

Torq is a security hyperautomation vendor that first came to market in 2020 with an alternative solution that addresses the limitations of SOAR [Security Orchestration, Automation and Response]. While they initially sold direct to very large enterprises, they have now launched the Torq Partner Acceleration Program, their first partner program, to expand that market. Rather than conventional tiering, it offers relatively high rewards based on the partner’s customization of the solution to exactly what the customer wants.

Torq was founded in 2020, as a more efficient and low code alternative to SOARs.

“The hyperautomation challenge of today is that SOAR has underdelivered,” said Don Jeter, Torq’s CMO. “It is complex, costly and time-consuming. SOAR was also supposed to address some of today’s top cybersecurity challenges, like stack sprawl and hiring and keeping talent, but instead it has made them worse. We see a huge opportunity in the market to change the conversation, by using our hyperautomation to automate all workflows and processes. Hyperautomation is  defined by Gartner as all these different automations coming together, such as  low and no code and API integrations. Our differentiator is providing ease of use and simplicity, along with enterprise grade architecture. Most technology in this space which is easy to use can’t work well in the enterprise. The big boys in the enterprise are not easy to use because they are too complex.”

In their short history, Torq has traditionally targeted the Fortune 500 and has basically sold there direct.

“We think there is a large opportunity for our technology in the channel, and we are interested in building a channel,” Jeter said. “This is our first channel program.”

Don Jeter, Torq’s CMO

Torq is emphasizing that this is not a standard three tier metallic program. While some other vendors say that, and then run basically the same kind of program with non-metallic tier names, the Torq Partner Acceleration Program is differeny. It has three tiers, although they might more appropriately be called tracks. They are Reseller, Post-Sales and Professional Services Support, and MSP/MSSP Full Lifecycle Management.

“Rewards are based on the degree to which partners help customers automate more, in a customer outcome-based tiering system,” Jeter said.  The focus starts with determining the desired customer outcome, and the partner works out the customer relationship to satisfy what the customer wants – with the rewards for doing so explicitly being built into the program.

“We will reward those who reward customers – up to 25% for MSP/MSSP lifecycle management.” Margin opportunities are aligned to the joint partnership investments made to position, implement, operationalize, and support Torq Hyperautomation.

“We are very transparent up front in how our margins work,” Jeter added. “Everyone says that their program is all about simplicity and profitability but we deliver. Partners also find with us that there are not a lot of hoops to jump through. The site has been designed to give a good first impression and to be easy to work with.”

Partners who have already signed up include AccessIT, Compuquip, ICM, Logical IT, Myriad360, Spico Solutions, Trace3, Wiz, SentinelOne, Sentra, Snyk, and Recorded Future. Many of Torq’s partners are also customers themselves.

“This is a complex product,” Jeter said. “We can’t say that we make automation easy, because it isn’t that simple. We need real experts, highly qualified partners, to make this happen, and take advantage of SOARs’ shortcomings.”