Pax8 expands endpoint security line card with Malwarebytes

Malwarebytes is particularly strong in the SMB market, and like Pax8 is focused on MSPs, making them what Pax8 considers a good fit in their portfolio.

Sophie Merrifield, CVP of Vendor Operations at Pax8

Today, cloud distributor and marketplace Pax8 is announcing that it has partnered with cybersecurity vendor Malwarebytes and added them to their cloud marketplace. Malwarebytes is heavily focused on the MSP market, and the sweet spot of their business is the SMB space, particularly the lower part of that space.

“Malwarebytes has a heavy MSP focus, as do we, and our joint commitment to that is one of the reasons we are so excited about this new partnership,” said Sophie Merrifield, CVP of Vendor Operations at Pax8. “We have been seeing positive adoption in the MSP market with Malwarebytes and that is another reason we are so positive about this new partnership.”

Pax8’s Go-to-Market strategy has evolved since its early days, when it focused on a limited number of best-of-breed vendors. At that time, they had one endpoint security vendor – Symantec. Since then they have expanded their vendor roster significantly, and while still avoiding the soup to nuts strategy of the big broadline distributors, they now offer their partners a good deal of choice in their available offerings.

“We now have 25 total security vendors, although that includes others in addition to the endpoint ones,” Merrifield said. “Malwarebytes is strong in the SMB space, especially the lower part of that space, so we think it will be attractive to MSPs who sell into that market. We consider them to be effective, easy to use, yet affordable.”

The Pax8 marketplace has become increasingly important in making the solutions the company carries available to their partners.

“Pax8 is heavily focused on enhancing the overall experience with the vendor, and we are very focused on investing in the marketplace to ensure a positive experience,” Merrifield stated. “We still offer Pax8 Stax bundled offerings, but we are really focused on robust solutions and want something in every category and subcategory. The marketplace makes it easy to put those customizable solutions together.”

Malwarebytes’ core offering is their OneView platform, which is purpose-built for MSPs, and gives them centralized access into client sites, while streamlining the management of endpoint security and handling licensing subscriptions and customer reporting. They also provide multiple threat prevention modules and services. The entire Malwarebytes security portfolio is now available in the Pax8 marketplace as well, and include Endpoint Protection, EDR [Endpoint Detection and Response], MDR [Managed Detection and Response], Incident Response, Mobile Security, Vulnerability and Patch Management, DNS Filtering, and Application Blocking.

Merrifield indicated that this deal came about through the regular process of investigation by Pax8.

“Our vendor acquisition team is constantly looking for additional vendors who will enhance our portfolio, and this is how we came across them,” she stated.