Redis looks to drive Redis Enterprise business with restructured and formalized Global Partner Program   

Redis’s previous partner program was informal and lacking in structure, and has been replaces with a better organized one designed to better enable partners to sell their Redis Enterprise solution in particular.

Ash Vijay, VP of Global Partnerships at Redis

Today, in-memory data structure store Redis is announcing enhancements to their global partner program, which are tantamount to a complete re-do. The program has formal structure and enablement components which were not there previously. The goal is to enable its partner ecosystem of consultancies and distributors to be more effective at selling Redis Enterprise, and building,  deploying and running real-time applications for customers on it.

“Redis has had a partner program in the past, but it was designed more for a system where partners did one-off deals, and it was good at that,” said Ash Vijay, VP of Global Partnerships at Redis. “Over time we had also added more layers to the old program that made it more complex. Still, we really didn’t have an overarching model – and there were nuances by region. Where we are today, we want to be able to scale the ecosystem out so that it can accommodate multiple businesses. One of the things we have learned is also the importance of keeping a program simple and scalable, to build a business around it which makes it profitable for both us and the partner. It also has to be repeatable. We don’t want to build a program where we have to change it every year.”

Vijay said that the relative newness of the Redis partner program makes it relatively easy to make significant changes.

“While long-established vendors had very strong legacy programs in which partners had spent years, Redis is still a young company,” he stated. “The history of partners here is not that complex. Until now, many really have not known how much they make, and some make detours into legacy products which are more complicated. We want to focus on getting our partners to lead with Redis Enterprise, in a partner-led motion where they complement our own sales force. Getting partners to lead with Redis is not actually a motion that we have done before. It also has the advantage that partners will know what they will receive, depending on where they invest.”

Going forward, the program will be based on a two-tiered model.

“That’s new,” Vijay said. “Previously, the informal structure of the program meant that we did not have this type of structured tiering.” The two tiers are Community and Enterprise, and they offer new standard discounts, partner-initiated discounts, and additional partner incentives. New benefits include community engagement, targeted joint marketing opportunities, and joint brand awareness at marquee events across the globe.

Partner enablement curriculum has also been upgraded and formalized.

“It was all ad hoc before,” Vijay started. “We have created a certification program which did not exist at all previously.” It covers both the Community and Enterprise levels, and includes technical training, certification, and sales training.

“We have also invested heavily in a program to sell Redis – Redis Days,” Vijay added. “These are a model for a full day’s training where we train customers and others. Partners would register through the standard process before. Now Enterprise partners get more insight into what’s happening.”

Vijay noted that the proportion of  Redis’s business that goes through channel partners continues to increase.

“We have seen a phenomenal growth in our cloud business,” he said. “The old program didn’t accommodate cloud marketplaces, and they are now well over half of our business.”