Pax8 signs on Todyl to bring their comprehensive SMB security platform to partners

Todyl, which is available for the first time through distribution under this deal, has a platform includes six modules, which encompass over 15 different security and networking solutions

Sophie Merrifield, VP of Vendor Product Management at Pax8.

Cloud distributor Pax8 has announced a new global relationship with Todyl, which makes a comprehensive, all-in-one security platform that encompasses multiple security and networking modules. It is now available through the Pax8 marketplace.

Todyl’s sweet spot is the SMB space, but they have a broader range than that, said Sophie Merrifield, VP of Vendor Product Management at Pax8.

“They are focused on the SMB, but they are efficient enough that they can also move upmarket,” she said. “The platform is comprehensive enough to do that.”

While Todyl [pronounced ‘Total’] has been around since 2015, their actual bringing of product to market is much more recent than that, which is why they are not that well known.

“We really came to market only in 2019,” said Zach Dressander, Director, Head of Marketing at Todyl. “Until then, we were purposefully flying under the radar.”

Todyl has had a channel model from its inception, and has a couple hundred partners.

“We have increased our partner growth by about 300% this year,” Dressander indicated. “We sell only through the channel, mainly to partners who serve the SMB space, although some partners have midmarket clients as well.”

Todyl’s all-in-one cloud-first, single agent security and networking platform includes six modules, with the capabilities of over 15 different security and networking solutions: SASE [Secure Access Service Edge]; a SIEM, MXDR [Managed Extended Detection and Response]; Endpoint security with next generation anti-virus; GRC [Governance, Risk, and Compliance; and LAN ZeroTrust.

“The networking functionality is baked in, particularly around what we do in SASE,” Dressander said.

“Security is the top priority for Pax8, and we are focused on partner needs on around gaining more efficiencies, driving growth, and reducing risk,” Merrifield said, “The comprehensive nature of the Todyl platform allows us to do those three things, and the comprehensive nature of it is something that we are most excited about.”

Dressander said that their uniqueness means that they don’t have any competition who do all of what they do.

Zach Dressander, Director, Head of Marketing at Todyl

“We don’t really have any competitors in SMB or the enterprise for the whole platform,” he said. “We have many competitors for the individual modules, but these are all one-off things.”

All of the solutions on the Todyl platform are their own, although they do have integrations with other third parties like SentinelOne.

“Everything is tightly integrated on our side,” Dressander indicated.

The deal came about because of Pax8’s focus on security and the fact that Todyl, like Pax8, is based in Denver.

“We discovered them a little over a year and a half ago and we have been working on a relationship with them since,” Merrifield said. “We had been seeking out this kind of security solution, and they wanted to work with us. The CIS security framework and compliance are coming up more, and Todyl handles those.”

This is Todyl’s first distribution deal.

“It is a good alignment with them having such a broad ecosystem,” Dressander indicated. “One of the big things they will do beyond the initial launch is getting us heavily involved in their peer groups, which is a growing area of focus for them, as well as their overarching campaign around security.”

Todyl expects the new relationship to bring about a sharp increase in their sales.

“There will be a learning curve, but as soon as their team and partners start to see what we can deliver, we expect that it will quickly take off,” Dressander said.