HPE GreenLake for Private Cloud Enterprise highlights new HPE solution announcements

HPE also announced eight new services, as well as new or expanded strategic partnerships with Red Hat and SUSE.

Fidelma Russo onstage

On Tuesday, HPE launched the formal part of their HPE Discover 2022 event where they introduced their new offerings. The headliner among the bunch was HPE GreenLake for Private Cloud Enterprise, which upgrades the private cloud experience to roll out pay-per-use private clouds of all sizes, and for both cloud-native and traditional applications.

“Private Cloud Enterprise is our flagship announcement for enabling hybrid cloud strategies for customers,” said Vishal Lall, SVP and GM HPE GreenLake Cloud Services. “We believe this is a paradigm shift for the industry.”

Private Cloud Enterprise has been designed as an automated, flexible, scalable pay-as-you-go private cloud for traditional and cloud-native workloads.

“It’s an easy button to private cloud, modular and scalable, pay as you go with predefined workloads,” Lall said, “It covers all private clouds VMs, containers, and bare metal. It reflects the fact that customers don’t want walled garden. They want open systems supporting open standards. It’s a key element of our design.”

HPE GreenLake also announced the addition of eight new cloud services including backup and recovery, block storage, compute operations management, data fabric, disaster recovery, and hyperconverged infrastructure. They also announced industry-vertical cloud services for customer engagement and payments

A key new service is HPE GreenLake for Data Fabric, which contains an analytic-ready data fabric for hybrid environments.

“It can run algorithms and machine learning algorithms from the edge to the cloud to get inside their data,” Lall said. “It enables analytics for cloud and datacentres, and looks at data in a unified version.”

Other new services include HPE GreenLake Hybrid Cloud for HCI, and HPE GreenLake for Enhanced Block storage, which includes general-purpose service tiers where customers can leverage a cost-optimized storage service for general-purpose workloads. Another new service is HPE GreenLake for Compute Ops Management, which provide a cloud experience that simplifies and automates compute lifecycle management.

HPE for Backup and Recovery also adds new capabilities, when combined with the newly announced GreenLake Development Portal.

“We are adding the ability to purchase directly within a platform for Backup and Recovery, starting with AWS,” said Fidelma Russo, HPE’s CTO. “We are also integrating into other people’s marketplaces, and continuing to add to our own.”

The Development Portal will also – in time – add the ability to rate multiple workplaces within the organization,” Russo noted.

“Backup and Recovery lets you create rules for on prem and public cloud, which can be very fine grained down to individual machines,” said Bryan Thompson,  VP of GreenLake Cloud Product Management at HPE.

One new industry-vertical cloud service, HPE GreenLake for Payments – Delivers an end-to-end, pay-per-use payments service from HPE, combining the payments experience of Lusis TANGO and the proven, distributed-transaction processing of HPE.

“We came up with this because we had industrial customers with large data sets continually coming in,” said Flynn Maloy, Vice President, HPE GreenLake Cloud Services Marketing. “Last year we announced an offering with Lusis. This is the next generation of that, and is also with Lusis. It enables easily portable low code applications, and is a great use case for why customers choose GreenLake.”

The other new industry vertical service is HPE GreenLake with FIS Ethos, a real-time customer data platform that delivers intelligent engagement analytics. It  leverages technology from FIS, a solutions provider for financial institutions and businesses of all sizes.

“HPE GreenLake with FIS Ethos gives the customer a personalized experience,” Maloy said. That can increase customer loyalty and overall profitability.

Maloy also announced two new strategic partnerships, with Red Hat and SUSE.

“Building ecosystem partnerships is key to us,” he said. “The partnership with Red Hat is an expansion of an existing one, and involves more joint engineering of solutions to ensure they run super-well on GreenLake.

The SUSE partnership is focused on edge deployments in a distributed enterprise.

“We will put SUSE on top out to distributed locations,” Maloy indicated.