Cloudflare introduces new Cloudflare One sub-program to help partners with Zero Trust

The new program is heavily focused on training and accereditations, with both online and proctored formats.

Matt Harrell, Global Head of Channels & Alliances at Cloudflare

San Francisco-based Cloudflare has announced their new Cloudflare One Partner Program. This is not a replacement for their Cloudflare Channel and Alliances Partner Program. Rather, it is a sub-program within the broader channel program, which specifically offers training and incents to allow partners to deliver a more complete Zero Trust solution.

“What we are doing here is designing a program around the Zero Trust components of our platform,” said Matt Harrell, Global Head of Channels & Alliances at Cloudflare. “If you are an existing Cloudflare channel partner, you are automatically enrolled.”

Zero Trust is already a core part of Cloudflare’s business. Yet they too often hear from customers that they are confused by the whole process. That’s the reason for the new program, to make it easier for partners to implement and deliver Zero Trust solutions for customers.

“To do this we have launched several things,” Harrell said. “We have introduced a series of integrated product bundles, which make things transparent and easy to quote.

Harrell also emphasized that Cloudflare has launched a rich incentive program.

“Our incentive structure is unique,” he said. “We have a core basic incentive, then we have deal reg on top of that. Then we have more on top of that for selling the  whole bundle, and more again for selling professional services, which we do not do ourselves.” The program will be run through Cloudflare’s distribution, which in North America is TD-SYNNEX.

“We have also increased the size and scope of our enablement team,” Harrell added.

A critical part of this is new accreditations and enablement services.

“We will offer an accreditation for Zero Trust assessment where the partner delivers a road map, with an architectural assessment, a network and security evaluation and a presales assessment, to help them get the customer on their way,” Harrell said.

“We are now announcing new migration services where the partner will be responsible for Level 1 and Level 2 support managed services with the customer,” he added.

Both of these types of training will be eventually available in online and proctored formats.

“The online training will be fully available in early to mid Q3,” Harrell indicated. “We currently have enablement and migration for migration through our partner portal. What we are adding is instructor-led training, and there will be proctored exams there for certification eventually.” The goal there is also availability at some point in Q3.

“We just delivered a session in London and have four more planned for later in the year,” Harrell said.

“Cloudflare’s product suite has an important role to play in advanced threat detection and in Wipro’s Zero Trust offers to clients,” said Tony Buffomante, SVP, Global CRS Leader of Wipro. “The Cloudflare One Partner Program has provided a quick ramp to build our practice. We’re already seeing significant market use cases from our partnership, with Wipro CyberSecurists providing application security, implementation services and ongoing managed services from Wipro’s 16 global cyber defense centers.”