DigiCert rolls out new partner program around their PKI-focused Trust Solutions Group

The new TSG program complements the existing TLS program, which is focused on DigiCert’s SSL business, although it is designed to be select with a much smaller number of partners.

Cameron Nelson, DigiCert’s Trust Solutions Group Director of Strategic Growth

Today, DigiCert, which makes both TLS/SSL and PKI solutions, is rolling out their Trust Solutions Partner Program. DigiCert has had a partner program for its long-standing SSL business for many years. This new program is an entirely separate one, however, focused on the company’s Trust Solutions Group [TSG] business and its partners.

“There is a significant difference between the TSG and SSL partner programs,” said Cameron Nelson, DigiCert’s Trust Solutions Group Director of Strategic Growth. “It reflects that TSG has a greater focus on enterprise customers, and works with different types of partners.”

The 2020 release of DigiCert One, with its ability to handle all PKI use cases, was the impetus behind the new partner program.

“The release of DigiCert One gives partners tremendous flexibility,” Nelson indicated. “Prior to this, the partner network around the TSG was immature.”

Nelson said that because DigiCert One offers significant flexibility in how it is sold, either through a resell motion or as part of a broader managed services offering, a more varied channel would be ideal.

“We want a mix of VARs, SIs, GSIs and MSPs,” Nelson noted. “In the  Americas, 30-60 partners over next few years would be idea. What’s really important for us though is not the numbers, but the quality of partners to deliver an exceptional partner experience. The ones with criteria we are looking for will be provided with the right training so that they can deliver an excellent service. Ideally, this will focus on partners who have a trusted practice in their region and a proven history of developing and closing these kinds of solutions. Also preferrable is a commitment to the regulations that we are required to adhere to.”

Since the TSG program is select out of the gate, and its numbers will necessarily be limited, it will be a single-tiered program.

“Right now, it is a single tier structure, because we think that is the best way to help partners be as successful as possible, and maximize their visibility into the customer,” Nelson said.

Nelson reviewed the benefits of the Trust Solutions Partner program.

“We have spent a lot of time thinking about how to best enable partners to be successful,” he said. “The emphasis is on making things easy and effective. We developed a new PKI University, a sales and technical training platform, to develop capabilities and potential credentials. In addition to providing PKI certifications, it also makes sales and business planning tools available.”

Nelson said that the program’s tiered discount structure provides significant discounts and protected margins, as well as automated deal registration and protected renewals.

“The emphasis throughout is on delivering a strong partner experience,” he stated. “We believe that if partners see us as really great to work with and supportive of their business we will be more successful. The guaranteed partner margin program is part of that. To address the problem of partners having to cut margin to win a deal, we will guarantee a margin, so they don’t have to lose.”

Nelson indicated that they have seen really strong adoption from TSG partners, as well as interest from their more traditional partners who are developing new practice areas.

“They are interested in the benefits that come from bringing DigiCert One into their product portfolio,” he said.

The program launch is a global one, although DigiCert is working hard to localize it in specific regions.

“We have already done in Japan, and are looking to do it in Germany very soon,” Nelson said. “Canada is also a critical market for us. We we have had a strong legacy there, and see a lot of opportunity.”