Apple management specialist Addigy tabs Pax8 for first distribution deal

Addigy sells through a large MSP channel, as well as a few DMRs, but until now they have always dealt with their MSP partners direct.

Jason Dettbarn, Addigy’s Founder and CEO

Miami-based Addigy, which makes multi-tenanted management software for all types of Apple devices and sells through an MSP channel, has signed their first distribution deal, a global one with cloud distributor Pax8.

Addigy is the dominant player in their market niche, that typically low double digit element of the SMB market that uses Apple products. In 2018 they expanded their portfolio from Macs alone to iOS devices, and have steadily grown their presence as management software throughout the ups and downs of the sales of Apple products themselves.

“Two years ago, Apple decided that if you needed to deploy security software, you had to have MDM [mobile device management],” said Jason Dettbarn, Addigy’s Founder and CEO. “That really forced us into the base, which had been using the wrong tools. They had software developed for phones, which they were trying to deliver to workstations. Now, that most organizations think about Apple management as well, it’s not about BYOD, but about device management. People want parity with Macs that gives them the same level of Windows Azure experience.”

While Jamf and a few other players also sell into the space, Addigy benefits from having relatively little competition.

“When I started Addigy, all you needed was an agent to get started,” Dettbarn said. “Now there’s a lot more barriers to entry. But there are big shifts happening in the marketplace. There has never been more demand, which will eventually create more competition.”

MSPs are Addigy’s primary channel.

“From beginning we sold to MSPs, although before Pax8, we went direct to them,” Dettbarn said. “We also sell through SHI and Zones.”

The Pax8 relationship came about through requests from MSPs.

“They were getting a lot of customer requests to look at working with us, and we were getting the same,” Dettbarn indicated. “The market and customer base drove this.”

Dettbarn also said that the relationship met the criteria that Addigy set out.

“This relationship is very strategic for us,” he stated. “Pax8 doesn’t complete on price, and they have very specific requirements. Our retention rates are very high, with between .1 and .5% churn, and we think they can help us maintain that.”

Another plus is that Pax8 also isn’t working with any Addigy competitors.

“They do sell Intune, but as far as RMM platforms go, we are the first that they are working with,” he said.

The Addigy platform provides real-time device management with zero-touch provisioning and seamless authentication of Azure Active Directory,  Microsoft 365, Okta, and Google IdP. It also provides complete environment visibility, immediate remediation notifications, and policy management to maintain always-on compliance.