What partnering with N-able means for you

By John Pagliuca, President, N-able

John Pagliuca, President, N-able

My parents came here from southern Italy and met in Boston. My father started and ran a construction company when I was growing up. I learned a lot from him; in fact, as a small business owner, I like to think of him as an MSP of a different flavor. One valuable lesson he taught me was to treat everyone with dignity no matter what. No matter whether my father was speaking with a large customer, a small customer, or a subcontractor, he treated everyone with dignity and respect.

This lesson continues guiding me and will continue guiding N-able. Our goal as N-able is simple: to empower our MSP partners to enable the success of small to medium-sized enterprises (SME). Many SMEs require the same IT service that a Fortune 1000 might, and MSPs play the essential role of helping them achieve that. We’re here to make sure every MSP partner has the tools and training they need at each step of the journey—regardless of whether they’re a one-person shop or have dozens of technicians on staff.

Today, I want to talk about what partnering with N-able means for you.

The N-able promise

When I was first hired, my mission was to bring the company to a new level of maturity from a business and financial standpoint. It took me a good year or so to truly begin to understand the rhythm of the MSP business and how to truly best serve our MSP partners.

Over the years, we’ve invested heavily in bringing tools and features to help MSPs and IT service providers stay ahead of the curve while also bringing training and education to help people round out their capabilities. As N-able, we’re committed to investing in MSPs at each stage of their journey.

I always say our success depends heavily on the success of our MSP partners. When you grow, we grow. As we move forward together, we’re committed to furthering our research and development to bring the most effective tools to you, as well as both technical and business training to help you improve your business even further.

For example, we have and continue to increase the number of partner success managers. These team members have no commission—their sole job is to help you better achieve your goals. We’re also bringing on more Head Nerds—experts who also have no goal other than to offer you the best, specialized training across security, automation, sales and marketing, and business operations.

A relationship business

The truth is we don’t think in terms of winning a customer for six months; we focus on building relationships with true partners for five or 10 years (or more). That requires trust and a true spirit of serving the MSP.

I remember the last Empower MSP event I attended in the Netherlands in 2019. During that event, a partner approached me to tell me a story. They said a team member helped them revamp their business model to run more efficiently and profitably. He told me directly, “That conversation saved my business.” I honestly had goosebumps hearing this—and it wasn’t the only conversation I had like that at the event.

With N-able, partners can rest assured they’re working with a management team that’s been in this business for years—and, in some cases, decades. Many of our partners are on a first-name basis with members of the N-able team and have worked with some of them for close to 10 years. This makes me proud of the community we’re a part of.

Forward together

As we move forward as N-able, I keep returning to the goal I mentioned earlier: to empower our MSP partners to enable the success of small to medium-sized enterprises. Technology trends may come and go, but I don’t worry as long as we keep these ideas as the North Star to guide N-able. We look forward to continuing to help you provide performance, protection, and partnership to your customers.

John Pagliuca is President, N-able