One Identity makes Identity Manager and Safeguard available as SaaS solutions

The new SaaS solutions are the same code as the on-prem software, and extend One Identity’s strategy of giving customers maximum choice in their road to the cloud.

One Identity Safeguard for Privileged Passwords

One Identity, the identity security-focused business unit of Quest Software, has announced the extension of their portfolio with the availability of two solutions available for the first time in a SaaS model. One Identity Manager On Demand is the company’s IGA [Identity, Governance and Administration] on-prem solution available as a SaaS offering, while the One Identity Safeguard On Demand solution is the company’s PAM [Privileged Access Management] solution sold as SaaS. Both solutions are hosted, managed, monitored and operated by One Identity within the One Identity Cloud.

Both of the SaaS products consist of the code base of the on-prem solutions. The are not separate products, and emphatically not watered-down separate products.

“We didn’t rebuild them from the ground up to make them SaaS,” said Todd Peterson, Senior Manager, Product Marketing, Content, and Partner Marketing at One Identity. “Customers get them without tradeoffs, so they get SaaS if that’s what they want.”

Peterson said that customer demand for these SaaS solutions has been there for a while.

“Our dilemma is that the natural approach would have been a solution from the ground up,” he noted. “That’s what most of the competition has done. We didn’t want to do that. It involves a very long development cycle. It could wind up as an inferior solution compared to the on -prem. It also means that you have two separate Dev streams going.”

Accordingly, about 18 months ago, One Identity set about to transform the on-prem solutions into SaaS versions.

One Identity Manager

“Some very strategic development shifts allowed us to set this up,” Peterson said. “We began to make adjustments to the architecture, separating the data model out, and modularized components to make them easier to deploy. “This led to some customers deploying this on-prem in their private clouds, something that has been available for about a year. That set us up so that it’s all there and ready to go. All we had to do was build our own cloud.”

Customers who want or require a private cloud capability would use the traditional software rather than the On Demand versions.

“The software is identical, but if they deploy in their own private cloud, they would get the on-prem version,” Peterson indicated.

The two SaaS offerings combined will allow organizations to implement a Zero Trust model.

“The secret of the Zero Trust model is that there is a part where you determine the policy, which is what IGA does, and a part where you implement it, which is what PAM does,” Peterson said. “Tying them together means that it’s much easier to do Zero Trust. It gives you a purely cloud-delivered Zero Trust model.”

Peterson also stressed that One Identity’s SaaS strategy is not their cloud strategy – just a part of it.

“This is not the be all and end all of our cloud strategy,” he said. “We have always been on this ‘your cloud, your way’ path. However cloudy they want to be, we want to be sure we can deliver all the value they need. Our purely on-prem stuff is fully equipped to support cloud targets. We have a hybrid model where on-prem is augmented by cloud-delivered micro services, and we will be expanding those capabilities over the next year. Then we have the ability to host private cloud. These SaaS solutions are the last mile. Building the right SaaS solution fits into this broader strategy.”

Both One Identity Manager On Demand and One Identity Safeguard On Demand are available now.