Siemplify offers simpler, less expensive SOAR with Siemplify Cloud

The new cloud-native offering is available in four packages, starting at as little as $2500 a month.

Nimmy Reichenberg, Siemplify’s CMO

Today, SOAR vendor Siemplify is announcing Siemplify Cloud, a cloud-native version of their security operations platform. The company is announcing a couple of key points around the release. First, it is designed to broaden the market by being easier to deploy and to use, because it is a cloud product. Second, it is also designed to broaden the market by being less expensive and more able to accelerate time to value. In the short term, the company will continue to sell its on-prem SOAR to customers who want that. In the long term however, while Siemplify says they won’t force customers to the cloud, they think market forces will make the cloud product the default one in the fullness of time.

“SOAR has had a lot of traction in the market, but to a large extent it has been with bigger companies with a full-fledged SOC,” said Nimmy Reichenberg, Siemplify’s chief marketing officer. “For the tier below that, the Fortune 2000 or even large MSSPs, many haven’t implemented SOAR or have found that it was difficult.”

Siemplify Cloud is the same as the on-prem when it comes to user operation, but as a cloud product, is simpler to get running.

“Because it is cloud, there is nothing to deploy, and nothing to update,” Reichenberg said. “From an experience perspective, it’s the same. From an architecture perspective, we use Kubernetes and Docker to architect it for the cloud and make it cloud-native. All the customization capabilities built in the platform are still there. You can write custom code in Python if you like.”

The other big change is with the packaging and pricing.

“On-prem SOAR is pricey, which was not an issue for larger companies, but it is for many others,” Reichenberg indicated. “So we have introduced multiple packages for SOAR.”

The Essentials package is designed for smaller security operations teams looking to automate key use cases quickly and easily.

“For smaller teams, the Essentials gives you a lot of functionality at only $2500 a month,” Reichenberg said. Essentials includes all pre-packaged use cases, as well as the ability to build custom playbooks.

The next option up is Siemplify Professional, designed for larger security operations teams with more advanced security processes and higher alert volumes. Siemplify Professional provides unlimited alert volume, playbook creation and includes a dedicated customer success manager.

“If you are a smaller MSP, Siemplify Professional is likely the right option for you,” Reichenberg noted.

The third option is Siemplify Enterprise, which adds advanced capabilities like crisis management, business intelligence and premium 24/7 support.

The top cloud package is Siemplify Service Provider, for larger MSSPs. It includes unlimited multi-tenancy, secure remote connectivity to customer sites and a customer portal for complete visibility into managed operations.

“The large MSSPs tend to have more SOCs than large enterprises,” Reichenberg noted.

All Siemplify Cloud versions make extensive use of Siemplify’s use-case marketplace. These use cases can be deployed in minutes, are designed to address a specific challenge, such as ransomware or phishing, and come packaged with all the playbooks, integrations and data required to get up and running.

Siemplify will continue to offer its on-prem solution, but Reichenberg said that in the long-term, the future is cloud.

“Today almost all new SIEMs, even EDR, is in the cloud,” he said. “With so many security tools running in the cloud, the trend is very clear. There is no end-of-life for the on-prem in the foreseeable future– not that it will never happen, but it’s way out into the future. We aren’t forcing existing customers to migrate to the cloud.”

The free Siemplify Community Edition will continues to be available for free download as well.

Siemplify just overhauled their partner program last month, but Siemplify Cloud is ready to roll within the new program.

“We have discussed this with select partners, and customers have been asking for this,” Reichenberg said. “This will be great for the channel because SOAR was out of range for many companies because of ease of use or pricing.”