RingCentral targets SMB customers with new IGNITE! channel program

IGNITE!, which is really a sub-program of RingCentral’s Channel Harmony program, is aimed at organizations with 400 employees and under, and features a different sales process tailored for a shorter sales cycle, and over which the partner has full control.

Today, cloud-based business communications provider RingCentral is launching their IGNITE! Partner Program. It will operate globally in tandem with RingCentral’s existing Channel Harmony program. IGNITE! differs in its being focused on deals with customers of 400 employees or less, and in its giving partners full control over the sales cycle.

“I don’t view IGNITE! as a separate program,” said Lisa Del Real, VP, Global Channel Programs & Operations at RingCentral. “It’s a sub-program with a different sales motion, and is just another arrow in the quiver to help partners close deals.”

Del Real also emphasized that this is something partners had asked for.

“This is all based on feedback from partners, to let them be able to move to provide services at a faster pace,” she said. “The sub-400 employee market has a much faster sales cycle, so IGNITE! will help them accelerate their businesses.”

The different sales motion provides partners with access to a dedicated remote team for sales support, within a process over which they have full control. There’s no additional paperwork for the partner to join or belong, on top of the Channel Harmony program.

Lisa Del Real, VP, Global Channel Programs & Operations at RingCentral

“They can also earn additional commission in IGNITE!,” Del Real said. “There is an additional .5x MRR spiff.”

On the other hand, because partners have complete control over the deal, without the involvement of RingCentral as in the Channel Harmony program, IGNITE! requires more partner training and certification.

“Certification for IGNITE! is much more rigorous,” Del Real said. “There’s more importance on understanding the richness of the product, and we walk them through the sales process. The different sales motion in Channel Harmony, where there is direct involvement by RingCentral, means these are not as important there. In IGNITE!, because partners are in control, these things matter more.”

IGNITE! has two technical certifications and a sales certification, as well as an IGNITE! certification which is the product deep dive.

“One of the requirements is that the partner does role playing with an engineer to present to a customer,” Del Real indicated.