vArmour continues aggressive ecosystem strategy with Digital Shadows partnership

vArmour emphasizes that its new focus on close strategic partnerships is much more than a Go-to-Market story, and is vital to extend their application visibility and provide customers with a more proactive security posture.

Kate Kuehn, vArmour’s SVP of Alliances

Cloud security vendor vArmour and digital risk protection provider Digital Shadows have announced a new strategic partnership. Their integration, which will be able to be used by customers with either solution, will bring Digital Shadows Searchlight’s qualified threat intelligence and insights to the vArmour Security Graph, to give security teams a better understanding of risk from threats, and let them use their limited resources more effectively.

The partnership with Digital Shadows represents a deeper type of partnership than vArmour has had in the past, and portends a desire to extend similar relationships throughout their ecosystem.

“We haven’t had a partnership like this in the past,” said Kate Kuehn, SVP of Alliances, who joined vArmour in December. “This is a new area for us. I was brought on to accelerate this idea of a technology ecosystem. The more we can leverage other companies’ technology, the more meaningful we are for our customers. Having a threat partner like Digital Shadows enhances what we can do.”

The vArmour Application Controller provides application visibility and the ability to apply consistent security controls seamlessly across hybrid clouds, and maintain continuous compliance. Digital Shadows Searchlight enhances this further with their risk analysis.

“Their innovation really comes from not just from in-depth threat analysis, but from the ability to automate threats coming out of the Dark Web in a way we have never seen before,” Kuehn said. “What they do, and what brings us together, is bringing qualified intelligence and insights that enable teams to take almost surgical action to validate risk. One of the reasons I’m so passionate about this area of security is that as an ex-CISO, I know that so much security and alerts lead to actions that are not relevant. With this kind of solution, companies with finite resources can focus and be where they need to be at the right time.”

The vArmour and Digital Shadows combines this ability to better determine qualified threats with visualized application relationships within and across the cloud attached platform, including an intuitive visualization of applications-containers and services-workloads.

“It really is a ‘better together’ story, making it easier and seamless for the customer to have a seamless end to end visibility play,” Kuehn said. “We both have the ability to work together with existing customers. It’s not a bundle. They can be layered on top of us and we can be layered on top of them.”

This kind of relationship, Kuehn stressed, is fundamental to the security industry and to vArmour in particular moving forward.

“I am passionate as a security practitioner that we in the industry have to do more together,” she stated. “We are at a point right now where we are moving from a more static and traditional framework to a more dynamic one and from an event-driven perspective to a relational one. These partnerships really enable offensive security versus reactive or defensive security, and allow us to think more about the about the attack chain.”

To this end, Kuehn emphasized that since she came to vArmour in December they have announced four major partnerships and deeper integrations with two cloud providers in less than six months. These included partnerships announced at RSA in February with Gigamon, Tanium and Tufin.

“We will continue down this path of being better together,” Kuehn concluded. “We are agentless, so the more solutions we can hook into, the more meaningful we are to our customers. There has been a lot of chatter around ecosystems, but we are trying to bring real depth around ecosystems, and leverage multiple solutions in the same environment. It’s much more than a Go-to-Market story.”

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