Devolutions targets business users with Password Hub and Password Hub Desktop App

Devolutions has had password management capabilities before that were designed for small business users, but Password Hub was designed from scratch to provide an enterprise grade level of protection for up to 1000 users.

Montréal-based remote connection management provider Devolutions has introduced Devolutions Password Hub, an easy-to-use password management solution specifically designed for team environments and business users. They have also introduced Devolutions Password Hub Desktop App, which lets Password Hub be managed through the desktop as well as through a browser.

“We were originally founded in 2010, began to get good traction in 2012, and started marketing,” said Max Trottier, Devolutions’ VP of Sales & Marketing. “We started with the first commercial version of Remote Desktop Management, and it’s still our flagship software. Remote Desktop Management is targeted at both IT and MSPs, and is a tool to allow connections to virtual machines, switches, routers and WiFi.  It manages more than 60 technologies.”

Trottier said that Devolutions now has 400,000 users in 140 countries. Around 35% of their sales come from US, 50% from Europe, particularly Germany and the Netherlands. Canada is about 2%.”

While the business began direct, and that’s still the majority of their sales, channel partners came in early.

“Our business plan was originally to sell directly through website and inside sales teams,” Trottier stated. But some people couldn’t buy directly – often for compliance reasons – in the U.S. and Germany. That’s why while 70% of our overall business is direct and 30% channel, in Germany it’s the reverse.”

Trottier said that the channel business has always been a bottom-up process at Devolutions, and came principally from queries through customers.  Synnex is their primary North American distributor.

“There is a partner program, with reseller pricing and marketing materials, all from the portal,” Trottier indicated. “Partners also have a strong relationship with the inside sales team.” Worldwide they have 732 resellers, of whom about 50-60% are MSPs and service providers, with the others being resellers, distributors and integrators.

Devolutions’ target market is smaller companies.

“Most are between 20 to 500 employees, with about 10% being 500 to 1000,” Trottier said. “50-100 is the real sweet spot. Our business model is to be targeted easily by the end user, and many of these smaller customers buy through the website.”

Devolutions Password Hub ups the level of password management support that the company had been providing, to deal with requests from business customers for a strong solution.

“Password Hub is a brand new password management solution, which we have been working on for the past year,” Trottier said. “Its key feature is the ability to launch remote connections  that can be enabled or disabled depending on the user. This is something that we have been doing in Remote Desktop Management, and now with this, we target the business users.”

Password Hub features enterprise grade security, with AES 256-bit encryption standards, a role-based access control system, two-factor authentication, and full logs for compliance purposes. It can be accessed through the cloud from any Internet-enabled device, with admins having total control to grant, change and restrict access.

Login for the Devolutions Password Hub Desktop App

Password Hub launched with two companion tools. Devolutions Launcher makes it easy to launch remote sessions from desktop and mobile devices. Devolutions Web Login is a Web browser plug-in tool that lets users automatically connect to websites without needing to remember passwords. Both are subject to full administrator control.

Last week, Devolutions added another capability in response to customers who wanted to access Devolutions Password Hub through the desktop as well as the browser. The result is the Devolutions Password Hub Desktop App, which is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.