Netwrix enters into first managed services integration with ConnectWise Manage

Netwrix has had MSP partners for several years, but this is their first certified integration with a PSA or RMM provider, with the choice determined because the product is used by two-thirds of their MSP partners.

Ken Tripp, Director of Channel Accounts at Netwrix

Irvine CA-based Netwrix, which makes a visibility platform for data security, risk mitigation and governance, has announced a certified integration between their Netwrix Auditor platform and ConnectWise Manage.

This is Netwrix’s first integration with a PSA [Professional Services Automation] or RMM [Remote Monitoring and Management] vendor. They do, however, have a significant partner presence among MSPs and MSSPs.

“We have been working with MSP and MSSP partners for three years, and have learned a lot,” said Ken Tripp, Director of Channel Accounts at Netwrix. “We now have between 115 to 120 partners in the managed services space.”

The Netwrix Auditor platform provides automated IT risk assessments for clients to ensure prompt mitigation of end customer IT risks, as well as 24/7/365 threat detection services. It also provides continuous compliance management for PCI DSS, HIPAA, CCPA, GDPR, FISMA, SOX, FEPRA, GLBA, NERC, ISO and CJIS.

“This fits partners’ business models, and it automates incident management for them as well,” Tripp said.

Tripp said that the choice of ConnectWise Manage as their first PSA integration was dictated by partner requests.

“We chose ConnectWise to lead off because between 65 and 70 per cent of our partners were already using ConnectWise,” he indicated.

For the moment, Netwrix isn’t in a rush to add other PSA integrations, but wants to focus on the one with ConnectWise.

“We want to make sure we take full advantage of the partnership, and be part of their community,” Tripp said. “We do have other tools on the roadmap, and the plan is to get to those in the next year or so.”

It’s more likely that an Integration with ConnectWise Automate, their RMM tool, will appear first.

“The ConnectWise Manage integration is the first step in our relationship with them,” Tripp said.  “ConnectWise Automate is on our road map.”

Tripp said that tools like Netwrix provide can help MSPs transition to MSSPs.

“Becoming an MSSP doesn’t mean you have to invested in having a SOC,” he stated. “There are lots of other things that they can do to increase their skills around security. Solutions like ours can help them make that transformation in a very cost-effective manner. With our training and certification programs and getting them caught up with security standards around, it’s a nice easy strep for them to take to provide an additional level of security beyond firewall and anti-virus. We don’t make the full transformation for them, but we help them by promoting best practices for security in this environment.”

The ConnectWise integration continues a strategy that Netwrix embarked on a year ago, when they established a partner program and made it a priority to better educate and upskill partners, to improve their ability to sell Netwrix and do more than just execute implementations.

“We are getting closer and closer by the day to achieving our goals here,” Tripp said. “We have seen a significant improvement in execution. We also implemented a certification program on our portal – for both sales and technical people.”