AppRiver adds lead generation module to free appMailer email marketing tool

The enhanced appMailer platform also provides the ability to share lead generation campaigns through social media.

The landing page in the new appMailer lead generation module

Security-focused email hosting provider AppRiver has added a new lead generation module to their appMailer platform, which lets partners run turnkey co-branded email marketing campaigns at no cost to them.

Earlier this year, AppRiver announced a major upgrade to this tool, expanding it beyond Office 365 to cover a broader range of solutions, and providing a more dynamic range of content. At that time, they indicated that there would be more to come, and this announcement is all about that.

“This is the upgrade that we were working on then,” said Jordi Vilanova, AppRiver’s EMEA Marketing Manager. “We call this Version 2 of the mailer, because it is such a large upgrade to the platform.”

Vilanova said that since the expansion of appMailer in January to incorporate more campaigns, usage has picked up, and the number of campaign templates has increased from 12 to 56.

“We have now reached 400 campaigns created on the platform,” he said. “That’s a good number, and we are happy with that. Partners are signing up progressively to the appMailer platform. We still want to get more partners to try it. That’s the challenge now, to make more partners aware that the tool is there. When they do try it, they are very happy with it.”

The new lead generation module allows partners to build a lead-generation campaign around the content available through the Partner Portal.

“This version, we have upgraded the platform so it can grab a PDF file, as well as HTML,” Vilanova said. “After you have done, that it will create a landing page cobranded with a web form. The mailer takes care of all that for the partners.”

To attract users to the landing page, AppRiver offers a free whitepaper, providing the customer provides their contact info on the landing page.

“The tool collects the data, lets the partner know that the white paper has been downloaded, and saved the information to an Excel form that the partner can download,” Vilanova added.

“We didn’t have this capability before in any form,” he said. “It’s a brand new feature, and we have seen some partners taking great advantage of it. Last week, one partner in the UK used this module to launch a campaign and they collected over 90 leads. Partners who have been using it are having success in generating leads.”

This version of appMailer also enhances the ability to track different types of partner marketing campaigns. A new column that has been added to the dashboard shows campaign type as well as how many of the partner’s clients have interacted with the campaign.

“We have also enabled partners to conduct lead generation campaigns easily through social media sharing,” Vilanova said. “We’ve built a way partners can share content on social media, and generate prospects and leads from those as well.”

The appMailer tool’s security has been improved as well.

“We’ve added HTTPS / SSL encryption to the platform, something that was not previously there,” Vilanova said.