AppRiver upgrades free email marketing tool for partners

AppRiver had a pre-templated campaign tool before, but it was limited to Office 365. The new one covers a broad range of their solutions, with 12 templates at launch, and more scheduled to be added.

The AppMailer inline editor

Security-focused email hosting provider AppRiver has announced a significant upgrade to the capability it provides its partners to run free turnkey co-branded email marketing campaigns. The new appMailer proprietary email marketing tool covers a much broader range of campaigns than before, and with a much more dynamic range of content.

“This is a new global initiative which responds to some broad needs we have identified which are common to all our regions,” said Jordi Vilanova, EMEA Marketing Manager. “It’s a common problem in our channel across the board. Partners everywhere have the same issue. They are busy and don’t have time to build out a marketing solution for their customer base. In many cases, they don’t have anyone even to do it.”

AppRiver had a co-branded email campaign before, but it was much less comprehensive.

“It just covered one single product – Office 365,” Vilanova said. “It worked well, and we saw a lot of potential, but it was manual and very basic. This takes it several levels higher. This is now a platform, an application, whereas before it was static content that could be repurposed. We believe that this is the future of channel marketing for our resellers.”

Each campaign is a template. Presently there are twelve templates and more are scheduled to be added.

“Partners can do much more with this platform,” Vilanova stated. “This platform will pick up any solution, any vertical. They can build something around, say, a HIPAA customer base for a health care vertical, or a solution around email encryption.”

Unlike the previous campaign tool, no manual input is required – although the opportunity for customization is there if the partner wishes.

“The mail automates everything, and the production process is all produced by the mailer,” Vilanova said. “It will build any campaign around any topic, to create a professional looking campaign in four clicks, that takes less than a minute. That’s innovative.

“The second thing that’s different here is we built an inline editor so partners can modify content and change things or add links. It gives them a lot of flexibility. They don’t have to do this. The mailer will build content, but its an extra option. This would apply for example, if they want to have a special discount. We also have a free network assessment built into the template. Some partners charge for this themselves, so they could edit that out.”

While appMailer does not require a third party automated mail service to use, if a partner is already using one of these, it can easily be integrated. appMailer supports Mail Chimp, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact, and HubSpot.

“Our mailer app links with the APIs of these commercial mailers, to put the campaigns on any of the platforms partner might be using,” Vilanova said. “You can export content in three different outputs – through a URL landing page, by exporting to an HTML source to create a section on the partner’s website, or when by linking with the APIs to run an email campaign to customers.”

The appMailer tool is available globally now from within the AppRiver Partner Portal.