Markham’s Invixium signs on with Ingram Micro Canada

Ingram Micro has the exclusive rights to distribute Invixium's biometric fingerprint access control products in Canada, and they are working on taking them global as well.


Shiraz Kapadia, Invixium’s CEO

Markham ON-based Invixium has enlisted Ingram Micro to take its products to the channel in Canada. The distributor has been given the exclusive rights to distribute Invixium’s IXM line of biometric fingerprint access control products.

“We develop and manufacture next generation access control products which use biometric fingerprints for access,” said Shiraz Kapadia, Invixium’s CEO. “This is where the market is going – to biometric IP based security, with no more passwords to remember.”

The Invixium IXM product line allows for multi-factor authentication with PINs and access cards, and supports storage for up to 100,000 users and 500,000 log records with multiple connectivity options such as TCP/IP, PoE, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth.

“We are highly optimized for Android, which gives us tremendous flexibility in terms of adding features quickly,” Kapadia said. In addition, the IXM line has an intuitive web-based software which allows for quick configuration and monitoring of the network.

“We also know that today smart technology has to look elegant, so we have a very attractive enclosure for the product,” Kapadia added. “We have simplified our products to only a few models, which makes it easier for customers and partners. We also make the products here, in Canada, not overseas.”

Like many Canadian tech companies, Invixium has done most of its business outside Canada to date, especially in those georgraphies where security has the highest of priorities. The Ingram deal is expected to significantly beef up Invixium’s domestic business.

“Ingram is a giant when it comes to distribution, with a massive reseller base,” Kapadia said. “They also have a very strong focus on physical security. I am convinced that through this channel our products will see a tremendous growth in Canada. Their IT resellers are asking for exactly this kind of product.”

Ingram Micro Canada will distribute Invixium’s full line of solutions to their channel partners throughout Canada, and is confident they will build a strong and broad customer base in the government, education, enterprise and SMB sectors.

“We will use Ingram’s might of resellers to expand throughout Canada,” Kapadia said. “We have some installers who would like to buy from us, but they are better served by buying through Ingram. We have given a lot of empowerment to our distribution partner although we have developed a certification program, so resellers will have to be certified to sell our product.”

This deal covers only Canada, but Kapadia said it was very likely they would ink deals with Ingram to distribute them in the U.S. and elsewhere.

“We are looking to expand globally through Ingram Micro as well,” he said.