HTG Peer Group partners boast $613 million in annual revenue

Arlin Sorensen

HTG founder and CEO Arlin Sorensen

ORLANDO, FLA.Heartland Tech Groups’ (HTG) fourth-quarter meetings are underway, bringing together approximately 250 global managed service providers.

HTG was founded in 2001 by Arlin Sorensen and a core group of Midwest U.S.-based IT resellers and now is the cornerstone in the success of many firms.

HTG collectively employs 3,300 employees across its membership and member companies boasted top level revenues of $612.3 million (U.S.). Even more impressive is that on average, HTG members drop 12.1 per cent to the bottom line.

The organization features sub-groups of around 12 solution provider organizations each, including one all-Canadian chapters.

The focus on this quarter’s HTG meeting is about legacy.  Michael Cocanower from Phoenix, Ariz.-based itSynergy shared his tragic near-death story with attendees.  Cocanower suffered a serious injury during a recent team-building exercise and stressed the importance of being prepared and ensuring that each member business is prepared for any unexpected event. HTG also stresses the importance of planning in each member’s personal life.

The basic message from HTG founder Sorensen: “Be prepared, life can throw curve balls. Stuff happens, things we don’t plan for. Q4 is all about legacy.”

HTG Peer Groups continues to meet in Orlando through Wednesday and Thursday.

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