Veeam rebrands portfolio as Veeam Data Platform

The new portfolio comes in three versions, with the Foundation Edition consisting of Veeam Backup and Replication v.12, the Advanced Edition adding Veeam ONE to this, and the Premium Edition adding both VeeamONE and Veeam Recovery Orchestrator.

Rick Vanover, Senior Director of Product Strategy at Veeam

Today, data protection vendor Veeam is announcing its new Veeam Data platform, which both rebrands its portfolio and adds significant new upgrades. It comes in three versions, all of which cover the full gamut of Cloud, Virtual, Physical SaaS and Kubernetes applications. These range from Foundation Edition at the low end, to Advanced Edition in the Middle, to Premium Edition at the top. Premier Edition customers exclusively are eligible for a new Veeam Ransomware Warranty service which covers the cost of data recovery from ransomware up to $5 million dollars.

“This is the first time we have launched our major release in mid-February,” said Rick Vanover, Senior Director of Product Strategy at Veeam. “It is ideal for our VeeamON event and the timing will make it the best sweet spot for a VeeamON ever.”

The new naming convention spans the whole product portfolio, to create three new Veeam Data platform packages

“Veeam Foundation Edition is just Veeam Backup and Recovery, although it covers all aspects of recovery,” Vanover said. v12, now being released, adds more than 500 new features and enhancements.

The  Advanced Edition combines VBR with VeeamONE management and automation software to give customers deep, intelligent monitoring and observability to identify and resolve any backup or recovery problems before they begin.

Finally, Veeam Premium Edition adds Veeam Recovery Orchestrator (VRO).

to VBR and VeeamONE for Veeam’s full enterprise solution.

“We rebranded the portfolio in large part because we added one very significant edition with Veeam Premium at the top,” Vanover said. “That really brings out the differentiation because there had been nothing equivalent to that in conjunction with V 12.”

Veeam is also introducing a Ransomware Warranty for that Premium edition exclusively. It covers the cost of a ransomware attack up to $5 million dollars, in the event of a ransomware or cyber-attack.

“This is something that we have had really clear channel and customer pressure for, and we think this is the right time to do that,” Vanover said. “To get the warranty, theres a lot of requirements that go into it for a customer, and they will predicate how a customer will get out a problem. What you do left of the bang predicates what happens right of the bang.”

Those who were at last year’s VeeamON event will be familiar with the direct to cloud storage backup that Veeam is introducing in this release.

“It was previewed at VeeamON,” Vanover said. “There is a lot of anticipation for this. I also think that it will allow reinvention of the edge for ROBO environments.”

The API system is also being expanded. Veeam Universal Storage API 2.0 and  Smart Object Storage API, the latter of which is completely new, provide even more future-proofing for enterprise scalability and offsite resiliency. Ecosystem vendors include Pure Storage, Scality and Object First as the inaugural launch partners that integrate with these new APIs.

The new Veeam Data Platform also includes recovery orchestration to cut down time to recovery. The automated recovery is provided to Microsoft Azure and also includes restore of any Veeam Agents backups as virtual machines and orchestrated anti-virus scanning during test and recovery.

“We are convinced that our new version 12 list of capabilities lets us go confidently into the marketplace,” Vanover said.