Perceptions and actions: The Canadian SMB security gap [Podcast]

Iva Perric-Lightfoot, country manager for ESET Canada

Iva Perric-Lightfoot, country manager for ESET Canada

According to a recent survey from ESET, Canadian SMBs believe they’re more at risk than every to security threats. But according to that same survey, they believe they’re doing quite enough in terms of investing time and money into protecting themselves.

Is this a disconnect? Very probably. Is there a channel opportunity in it? Almost certainly.

In this edition of the podcast, we’re joined by Iva Perric-Lightfoot, country manager for ESET Canada, to discuss the company’s annual survey of Canadian SMB security attitudes and beliefs. We’ll discuss:

  • The results of the survey;
  • What they mean for both the Canadian SMB community and the channel;
  • Why education throughout the company is key to helping SMB customers better understand and deal with their security posture;
  • What ESET’s doing to provide tools to help SMBs get that much-needed knowledge; and
  • How partners can use those tools as part of their own security education efforts.

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