MTM Technologies, IGEL, partner on new AnywhereApp cloud workspace solution

The AnywhereApp provides a high level of customization in a secure, end-to-end management solution for any device, anywhere.

Bill Kleyman, CTO at Stamford CT-based MTM Technologies

MTM Technologies, Citrix’s largest Platinum reseller in the U.S., has partnered with thin client and endpoint management software maker IGEL to deliver MTM’s new AnywhereApp customizable cloud-based workspace solution, powered by IGEL technology. The solution is being displayed this week at the Citrix Synergy event in Orlando.

“The two big themes at Synergy this year are the path to the cloud, and cybersecurity,” said Jed Ayres, President and CEO, IGEL North America. “With the path to the cloud, everyone is talking about how they can move out of managing data centres. MTM has built a very flexible and very customizable solution to help them in that journey, and adding IGEL’s technology into that mix furthers that.”

“The AnywhereApp has its DNA in what we have been doing at MTM for the past 15 years, but this is truly built around innovation,” said Bill Kleyman, CTO at Stamford CT-based MTM Technologies. “It’s not just a cloud workspace. It allows the digital workspace to be defined by the customer.”

The AnywhereApp provides secure access and end-to-end effective management for applications, and data from any device, anywhere, on any kind of infrastructure, whether on-prem, or public, private, or hybrid cloud. It is sold through a subscription model and targeted at mid-market and enterprise customers.

“As an example, for one company with 1500 users today, it’s $135 per user per month leveraging AnywhereApp, and everything is included,” Kleyman said. “It’s the first time ever we can provide this level of customization, which is important as digital journeys are now being defined by their customers.”

IGEL’s technology, and its Universal Management Suite, allow for the secure and simplified management of any remote endpoint.

“The IGEL technology is a big part of this,” Kleyman said.  “Laptops and desktops are going down in numbers, but users still want a rich user experience. With this, they can automate entire sets of endpoints, in a consumption-based model where companies don’t have to over-license. We benefit because it provides an easy to manage centralized location. Customers benefit because they get best of breed technology.”

Ayres, who came to IGEL from Appsense but has an almost 8 year-long stint at MTM on his resume, said that this type of relationship with MTM reflects IGEL’s recognition of the way that the market is moving.

Jed Ayres, President and CEO, IGEL North America

“As we start to see more things move to the OPEX model, we are partnering with those building those solutions to deliver workspaces out of the cloud,” he said. “And as we started working with Citrix Platinum partners like MTM, they suggested that we could be making endpoint management-as-a-service. MTM has a more mature NOC and help desk than most partners, and their toolsets are very good.”

Kleyman said that MTM has the advantage of differentiation in being able to offer this type of solution.

“We are the first organization that can deliver a truly all-encompassing type of solution here that doesn’t limit the customer to a single type of architecture,” he said. “We see limited potential for others to do the same thing because it becomes too complex and too costly. The customer wants on-prem environments to be customized, and that’s complex and expensive, which means a limited ability to deliver customization.”

Kleyman suggested that they may soon take this solution to market through a broader path.

“We will be positioning it as a marketplace solution, and you may be seeing it on Ingram Micro,” he said.