Backup strategy for managed services

Tony Anscombe, global security evangelist at ESET

Tony Anscombe, global security evangelist at ESET

Backups. Not a super-sexy topic of conversation, but when you or your clients have been breached, they can be a lifesaver. So this week, we’re having a chat with frequent podcast guest Tony Anscombe, global security evangelist at ESET, about the strategy behind backing up.

We discuss:

  • how backup fits into an overall cyber-resilience plan, and even more so in the era of ransomware;
  • the evolving drivers and processes of a backup strategy;
  • how to think about backing up cloud-based data and applications, including service level agreements;
  • the background of backup as a fundamental of managed services;
  • looking at backup protection against more than just cyberthreats;
  • why owning multiple customers’ backups may make MSPs and their backup providers an attractive target for attack;
  • best practices for auditing and testing backups;
  • how regulations and legislation impact backup strategies;
  • the infrastructure for restoring data in the wake of a breach or outage and how quickly a business needs to be back up and running; and
  • the ubiquitous need for a backup strategy and why that makes it a great tentpole for managed services sales.

All this and much more are in this edition of the Podcast.


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