Unlocking growth opportunities with Avaya Experience Platform APIs

Today’s contact center customers demand solutions with a high degree of flexibility and personalization built in, so they can deliver the customized experiences their end customers expect. Enterprise organizations in particular need to be able to quickly add new capabilities within their often complex systems, and look for not only the open APIs to simplify and speed development, but also for the development environment, tools and support that ensure smooth integration.  In fact, we are hearing more and more that this is a top consideration when selecting a preferred vendor.

However not all API solutions in the marketplace are created equal. There are many elements to consider: Are the APIs standards-based for interoperability and ease of integration? What about documentation to guide the process? Are there discussion forums for additional support? Is there a development environment to facilitate testing and production? Is there an easy way to tailor solutions?

When the answers to these questions are yes — as they are with Avaya Experience Platform APIs available through the Avaya API Exchange Hub — you know that you have more than a Customer Experience solution … you have a true Platform for Innovation.

With such a platform as your foundation you have the freedom and flexibility to innovate your way, or as we say at Avaya, to Choose Your Journey.

Our Avaya Experience Platform APIs provide the access and the surround to help you innovate with confidence, and without disruption:

  • Secure, clearly documented, and fully supported public APIs ensure a smooth development process and dramatically reduce integration time.
  • Because the APIs follow open standards, no specific Avaya-specific training is needed.
  • Robust developer tools help you efficiently manage and monitor API usage.
  • Active developer forums where you can get your questions answered quickly, and with real-life examples.
  • An API Exchange Hub that serves as a powerful central resource, providing everything needed to succeed in one place.

And with Avaya, you have the power to choose whether you prefer to customize by working with our ACES (Avaya Customer Experience Services) experts, an Avaya business partner, using your internal team, or by engaging a third-party developer – or a combination of these. Avaya makes it a smooth path for you to take charge of your journey with APIs and create value-added apps and experiences that:

  • Resonate with existing customers, leading to additional revenue.
  • Establish lasting relationships with customers, fostering loyalty and trust.
  • Attract new customers to your brand, and help you establish ongoing engagement.

With APIs, the doors swing wide open to powerful AI enablement, unique and differentiating customer experiences, and more efficient contact center operations. Get to know Avaya Experience Platform APIs through the Avaya Developer Portal.