Vade continues channel expansion through strategic partnership with Liongard

The integration of Vade’s Microsoft 365-focused email solution into Liongard’s automated documentation solution will further expand Vade Secure’s presence, and is slated to be followed by additional integrations in 2022.

Eric Courtwright, Head of Sales, North America, Vade

French-based email security vendor Vade has been expanding its business significantly in North America in 2021. While previously, much of that North American business was consumer, the company has been making a major push through the channel, using VARs, and especially MSPs, to meet growing demand for Microsoft 365, which is their focus. Now the company is embarking on a push to create key integrations with major players in the MSP space, starting with the integration of the Vade solution into the Liongard automated documentation solution.

“We have a product road map through 2022, and it involves building out multiple relationships with key vendors to allow MSPs to better integrate with them,” said Eric Courtwright, who joined Vade in April as Channel Sales Specialist as part of that channel expansion, and last month was promoted to Head of Sales, North America. “What we saw with Liongard specifically is they have something that is security-minded. MSPs have a key set of ‘need to haves,’ and part of this integration gives them the capability to use all the data we pull out.”

That amount of data is extremely large because Vade has more than a billion mailboxes under protection, including a large majority  of the Japanese market. They are second globally in mailboxes under management only to Google Gmail.

“When I arrived, the channel model of going through distribution and using resellers as primary focus was planned out, but we still had some direct business,” Courtwright indicated. “Since then, it has now changed to a solid MSP and channel model. Anyone who goes to our Web site can become a warm lead. We want to be channel focused and we give those leads to the more mature MSPs and partners. Our focus is to make sure that we focus on MSPs and help them build out.”

While Courtwright stressed that Vade welcomes both VARs and MSPs with open arms, and is looking to see the growth of both communities, he acknowledged that the MSP community has become the most important channel in North America.

“We are really working hard to build it out because the tool and product are a great fit for MSPs,” he said. “The dashboard is multi-tenanted and is built to make  MSPs’ lives easier. Our licenses attach automatically to Microsoft 365 licenses so if those raise or lower in number, their Vade licenses are raised or lowered automatically with them. MSPs also like us because we don’t have licensing minimums.”

The Liongard partnership makes use of what Vade is calling Vade Inspector, which allows MSPs of third party vendors to access it in the same way that Vade partners can through their portal. It compiles the security, licensing and billing information, and makes it available to the Liongard consolidated interface.

“We have had these APIs already built out for some time, and our partner portal gives the same capabilities to our own MSPs as far as managing the solution,” Courtwright said. “Each can set their own dashboard of customizable settings, which lets users look at all emails and threats from one spot. Now we are looking to expand through the process of finding the right strategic partner, and Liongard is ideal here because they are focused on pulling out all the data and integrating it with other tools and data.”

Courtwright said to look for more integrations in the year ahead.

“Our partners can best use our product by integrating with other vendors who are out there,” he indicated. “We have an exciting 2022 with a lot of new things coming out. We also have plans to build out more features and functionality to make us even more cybersecurity focused than we already are.”

Since Vade is still not that well known in North America, Courtwright suggested channel partners using Office 365 should take a look at them.

“There is no silver bullet, but we are quick and easy to deploy and very effective to use,” he said.