Is your communications solution ready for more change?

Daren Finney, senior vice president of Global Channels at Mitel

After the biggest corporate disruption ever, where, how and when we work is still evolving. Some changes will be expected while others are unpredictable. Every company’s business communications solutions must be ready for the realities of today and untold scenarios of tomorrow — and channel partners have a big role to play in setting companies up for success. 

The uncertainties of our environment present many significant opportunities to help your customers upgrade their technology to be more agile in their operations. So how do channel partners help ensure this agility? Offering flexible communications solutions in your portfolio.

What do flexible workplace solutions enable? 

After more than two years of dealing with a turbulent work environment, businesses are transitioning from just surviving to figuring out ways to thrive. And nearly two years past the start of the global pandemic that triggered this sea change, businesses expect their communications solutions to do much more than just enable personnel to connect while working remotely. 

Leaders want and expect business communication tools to help streamline inefficient processes, deliver better employee and customer experiences and fill in the remaining collaboration gaps created by a hybrid work environment.

While this work model gives employees the flexibility they need to work comfortably and efficiently — even as things continue to change — challenges in how to keep employees connected and engaged remain. As a result, companies are looking for communications solutions that can keep pace while keeping employees happy.

What does a flexible workplace solution look like?

To foster employee happiness, companies should provide the latest technology. According to a recent Harvard Business Review survey, 82% of employees say their happiness on the job was “significantly impacted” by how well their workplace technology performs. At the same time, 87% of executives see a happier work environment as a competitive advantage. 

Public, private and hybrid solutions including MiCloud Connect (public cloud), MiCloud Flex (private cloud), and UCaaS solutions like our new partner RingCentral’s MVP solution — allow businesses to stay up to date and future-proofed for change. 

The cloud delivers access to best-in-class tools that not only enhance how people connect and collaborate but also enables ongoing standards compliance, simplifies the process of applying security and bug fixes and facilitates online training and proactive performance monitoring. 

The best solutions should provide flexible and intuitive ways for employees to communicate and collaborate seamlessly. This means features such as voice, video, messaging, conferencing, file sharing and more are in one, accessible place, and users can stay connected while on the go through web, mobile and desktop applications. 

What role do channel partners play in preparing their customers for change?

Even though most businesses know they need to be more agile, they’re also in various stages of their business communications journey and rely on channel partners now more than ever for guidance. As such, you have an important role to play in helping companies operate more efficiently today, while also helping to safeguard their investments for inevitable changes to come. 

Customers are depending on you to explain each technology and solution to find the best fit for their businesses, one which supports their solution’s lifecycle and allows them to get the most out of their investments. Partner programs ensure you are armed with all the knowledge you need to confidently lead your customers into the future.

We offer Sales Academies Certifications for all of our partners, which are self-paced, online classes that can be accessed through Mitel’s Learning Management System (LMS). The system lays out your training plan step by step for each Solution Academy. On the technical side, we offer Partner and Service Provider Technicians the full certification training required for Mitel Technical Support. 

All training programs are designed to support the highest level of customer satisfaction and ensure your overall level of success. Overall, Mitel partners are set up to deliver value, trust, knowledge and experience to your customers. With this solid foundation, you can make sure they’re ready for more change in a way that also works for your business model and goals. 

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