SaaS Alerts announces first third party monitoring solution for IT Glue

The announcement, being made at the Kaseya ConnectIT event, is likely to bring SaaS Alerts a significant number of new MSP partners, while being the first of the MSP-focused documentation companies to get third party monitoring will also benefit IT Glue.

Wilmington, NC-based startup SaaS Alerts, which makes a SaaS monitoring and alerting solution that is purpose-built for the MSP market, has announced new support for IT Glue, the major vendor in the MSP-focused IT documentation platform space. The announcement is being made at the Kaseya ConnectIT event at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Kaseya acquired IT Glue in 2018.

“This is a first of its kind,” said Jim Lippie, SaaS Alerts’ CEO. “As of today, we are the only company on the planet who monitors IT Glue in this way on a third party basis.”

The SaaS Alerts support for IT Glue monitors user activity inside of the application, and automatically alerts MSP executives when unusual behavior occurs.

“This is a good thing for IT Glue, because they can accurately claim that they are the only IT documentation product on the market that has a third-party monitoring service that monitors their security,” Lippie said. ”Our being able to provide visibility around them makes their operation that much more secure.”

Lippie also expects the IT Glue support to generate strong MSP in interest in SaaS Alerts. While IT Glue has a strong presence among MSPs who work with each RMM, interest in a Kaseya-owned product can naturally expected to be high at a Kaseya event.

“Our goal at ConnectIT is to sign up 100 MSPs to our 30-day free trial, and we feel this release of the IT Glue functionality will help us achieve that goal,” Lippie said. “10,000 MSPs use it, and we expect several hundred of them will be at that event.”

Jim Lippie, SaaS Alerts’ CEO

Lippie said that IT Glue is the only documentation vendor for MSPs which SaaS Alerts will be supporting for a while.

“IT Glue is the 800 lb gorilla in the space, so right now we are focused on working with them,” he indicated. “IT Glue worked closely with us with us to enhance their APIs.”

The IT Glue support follows up SaaS Alerts’ extension of support for major collaboration tools.

“We monitor behavior associated with IT Glue, and provide the same level of monitoring as we do for companies like Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Salesforce, Dropbox and Slack,” Lippie indicated

Next up for SaaS Alerts is integrations with the RMM vendors.

“We expect to have this done in the weeks and months to come,” Lippie said. “We have to research their APIs to enhance them, and we have done this for a few of them already. Eventually, we will get to every major MSP tool, and hope to have this work done over the next 6-9 months.”

In addition to the recruiting SaaS Alerts will be doing at the conference from their sponsor booth, Lippie will be participating in a panel in the M&A Forum on Tuesday afternoon, which is geared at helping MSPs make sense of the wave of consolidations in their industry, He is also doing a breakout session late that afternoon.