Diving into cryptocurrency fraud risks [Podcast]

Tony Anscombe, global security evangelist at ESET

Tony Anscombe, global security evangelist at ESET

The rise of cryptocurrency the likes of Bitcoin has turned into a gold rush, according to ESET’s Tony Anscombe, global security evangelist. But what do solution providers need to know to make sure their customers are successful prospectors, and not chasing fool’s gold?

Anscombe joins us for this edition of the podcast, and discusses cryptocurrency from a security standpoint. Where are the risks? Why should businesses — and the solution providers that serve them — care?

We delve into the past, present and future of cryptocurrency, and where fraud risks exist around Bitcoin and the like. How do security concerns differ for these kinds of funds from other electronic funds — and after all, aren’t almost all funds electronic?

All that and more in this edition of the ChannelBuzz.ca Podcast.

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