QuickVid: Microsoft sees new world for Windows 8 enterprise deployment

With Microsoft’s initial launch for Windows 8, a lot of the limelight was focused on the consumer aspects of the operating system – not a surprise given the company’s embrace of touch on everything from third party tablets to its own Surface devices, and the company’s seemingly growing interest in trying to beat rival Apple at its own game.

But there’s a lot of new capabilities and options in Windows 8 for the business too, and the company recently sought to highlight those advances in a press roundtable with Stella Chernyak, senior director of product marketing for Windows Commercial at Microsoft, and a number of partners and their customers.

I captured a number of video interviews that day, the first of which was with Chernyak. We chat about everything from what’s new for solution providers and their customers in Windows 8, to why the company feels that the nature of the new release, and the current trend towards BYOD, means the end of the “monolithic” enterprise-wide multi-year Windows rollout.