Cybersecurity vendor Lumu releases Lumu for MSPs Lite

Lumu, which illuminates threats and isolates confirmed instances of compromise on the network, launched an MSP version of their platform in 2021, and now has introduced a free version supporting a limited number of customers and endpoints.

Ricardo Villadiego, Founder and CEO of Lumu

At the recent IT Nation Connect event in Orlando, Miami-based Lumu launched Lumu for MSPs Lite, a scaled down version of their Lumu for MSPs, which like the original Lumu offering, uses a Continuous Compromise Assessment cybersecurity model.  designed specifically for MSPs. Lumu for MSPs Lite is free for up to three customers or 50 endpoints.

“My first company was Easy Solutions, which made anti-fraud solutions, and which I sold in 2017,” said Ricardo Villadiego, Founder and CEO of Lumu. “Since then, the market has focused on screens of defense, in which for every threat there was a new defense capability. But bad guys always have the ability to bypass those defense capabilities.”

While Lumu is a cybersecurity company, their real capabilities are around Network Detection and Response, with their objective being to help organizations illuminate threats and isolate confirmed cases of compromise. They do this by applying principles of Continuous Compromise Assessment with a closed-loop, self-learning solution that helps close the breach detection gap from months to minutes.

“I started this company because it’s hard for many customers to operate modern security products,” Villadiego said. “By themselves, they won’t win the battle against the bad guys. Our technology provides operational capabilities to the network that provides them with better protection than old tools, particularly SIEMs and SOARs. What we do is help customers defend against threat capabilities at scale.”

Lumu’ original solution was aimed mainly at the enterprise market. Lumu for MSPs, which followed in 2021, was designed more for the MSP space.

“Now about 50% of our customer base is the MSP market and 50% of it is enterprise,” Villadiego said. “MSPs get us closer to the SMB customer, who are hard to work with because they don’t understand technology risk. Bad guys know those markets lag in defense capabilities. MSPs are their trusted advisors. Most of our enterprise business is direct but we also have resellers in that market.”

Lumu for MSPs Lite is a free introductory version of the MSP product, effectively a ‘try before you buy’ version, which shows MSPs how the design makes it easier from them to enhance their SecOps capabilities, so that they can provide better services to their customers without having to add new talent or resources.  Like Lumu for MSPs, it provides high-quality alerting and simple operability, full network visibility about malicious activity happening in real time, faster incident response through automation, and integrations to make the most of existing tools and resources. It is limited, however, to three customers or 50 endpoints, after which Lumu hopes they will upgrade for Lumu for MSPs.

“This smaller market is really in a state of infancy,” Villadiego said. “Lumu for MSPs Lite will show more MSPs the value that we can provide to these customers.”

In addition, Lumu has launched a new self-service capability that lets MSPs go beyond the restrictions of Lumu for MSPs Lite based on their business needs. With this new capability, MSPs can operate cybersecurity independently and have the ability to pay online, add clients and change Lumu tiers without assistance.