Virtual application delivery provider Cameyo reaches out to MSPs

Cameyo is targeting MSPs with their cloud-native virtual application delivery platform as a way to cut their operations costs.

Andrew Miller, Cameyo’s CEO

Cameyo has launched Cameyo for MSPs, looking to attract quality MSPs to use Cameyo’s cloud-native virtual application delivery platform.  Cameyo for MSPs lets MSPs deliver any Windows applications to any device virtually, without their having to do a truck roll.

While Cameyo’s history reaches well back into the last decade, their present offering is only two years old.

“We commercially launched the platform at the beginning of 2019,” said Andrew Miller, Cameyo’s CEO. “Cameyo started as a packaging app product before that – which no longer exists.

Eyal Dolan, Cameyo’s founder, designed this product back in 2014-15 as a beta, and he let it run for a couple of years.

“250,000-300,000 people used it and provided feedback, and the culmination of that was Gartner naming us a Cool Vendor in 2016,” Miller said. “VMware and Citrix have that kind of product, and there are half a dozen of them on the market, but we still did well in the market when we entered. However, our founder  realized that a packager in the era of the cloud wasn’t going to fulfill that need in the era of digital transformation.”

As a result, Cameyo pivoted.

“What differentiates us now is that we are a virtual application delivery platform,” Miller said. “It’s all Windows based. 80% of our customers use us for complex business applications, and they have generally customized them over the years. While some of the vendors might have Web-enabled the software, all the features that they have customized don’t exist in Web-enabled applications. This makes digital transformation hard. They have to put in a VDI, or have to manage two separate environments. We give organizations of all sizes the ability to deliver Windows apps from the browser securely, cost effectively and simply.”

A majority of Cameyo’s sales are direct, but the channel sales element is significant, and today comes from about 10 partners.

“Over 40% of revenue is through the channel for a what is effectively a two-year old company, and that is significant,” Miller said. “Building a channel program is not an easy thing to do. We started cultivating relationships with larger companies like Google, which gives us a lot of our leads. We didn’t just bring any partner that approaches us into our partner program. They have to service a market that is strategic to us – like an oil and gas partner in Texas.”

Miller noted that the channel program has grown even though there is a fee to belong, at least at the outset.

“We charge $500 a month to join the program, but once they see how easy it is to use compared to VDI, and our integrations with Google Cloud and Azure, the lightbulbs go on,” he said. “Once they meet $500 in monthly recurring revenue, the fee goes away. We do it because it gives them skin in the game.”

Cameyo for MSPs is designed to provide MSPs with more skin, by making it possible to make their practices more profitable.

“From an MSP perspective, it’s a low margin business, so they look to improve customer satisfaction, differentiate and increase margins,” Miller said. “Smaller MSPs don’t have a lot of employees. They need to maximize their time. Most cant afford the cost of a VDI service to manage things, so they have to go out to each individual customer, and so they lose a lot of time. Now they just will have to update the application on the Cameyo server. They can update all PCs in five minutes, with the Windows application that each customer needs. There is incredible flexible in terms of their ability to deliver apps from the browser.”

With Cameyo for MSPs, Cameyo is also introducing a Service Provider License Agreement [SPLA] model, along with a billing model which is simple and will soon be automated.

“This gives them the ability to manage all customers from a single pane of glass, to offer a single SKU at a single price per user, where they can pay by credit card,” Miller indicated. “We manually send the invoice, and in a month, it will be automated.”

Still, Miller made it clear that the strategy will not be to sign up flocks of MSPs.

“We are still a young company, and we can’t get ahead of ourselves,” he said. “There are growing pains for any product, and our product is still only two years old. We just added the ability to manage customers for a single console and other MSP features. We will grow over time.” They did announce CompuGroup Medical USA and XPERTEK IT as launch MSP partners.

Cameyo for MSPs is available today, with pricing starting at $10 per user, per month and going as low as $1 per user, per month when bulk discounts are applied.