Xangati adds application-aware infrastructure intelligence to solution

Stephen Terlizzi, Xangati’s VP of Global Marketing

Stephen Terlizzi, Xangati’s VP of Global Marketing

San Jose-based Xangati, which makes intelligent cloud and workload performance management solutions for virtualized environments, has announced Xangati Product Suite XSR12. Its application-aware infrastructure intelligence provides cross-silo, real-time infrastructure visibility and automatic optimization remediation of the entire compute, networking and storage fabric. It also provides for near-real time resolution.

“This is a very significant release for us in two respects,” said Stephen Terlizzi, Xangati’s VP of Global Marketing. “Our customers have been asking us to relate infrastructure information to actual customer experience, and we did that with VDI. But with the advent of mobile, customers want end-to-end user experience and application-aware capacity.”

The ability to look at end user applications and service agreements and tie them back into the performance of the infrastructure takes Xangati’s live, continuous and cross-silo view of performance intelligence to the next level, Terlizzi stressed.

“Most applications deployed today fall into that new paradigm of Citrix XenApp where they are published as individual applications,” he said. “This release allows you to take those applications and tie them back to the infrastructure, through a combination of application awareness and infrastructure perfomance management. It’s more than just knowing how well things are working. It’s linking it to end-to-end user experience. We were doing this with VDI support, but Citrix customers said we have this XenApp infrastructure, and we would like to have exactly the same thing for application publishing.”

“Today the world is much more complex, and the challenge is to have an effective end-to-end user experience,” said Xangati CTO Jagan Jagannathan. “This solution provides things that the management vendors had no ability to get, and lets us help them in dealing with their deployment and completing their ecosystem.”

Xangati’s claim to fame has always been the ability of its scalable, distributed, scale-out architecture to track tens of thousands of objects and their hundreds of thousands of interactions second-by-second, across siloes, to allow rapid response to performance issues. XSR12 advances this by introducing two new dashboards, the App Dashboard and the Web Application Dashboard, which support Citrix XenApp and web-based applications, respectively.

“The new App Dashboard gets information from the Citrix XenApp server, and Netscaler application delivery controllers to look at the end-to-end user experience,” Terlizzi said. “In the same way that we in the past gathered information from virtual server infrastructures, we now gather application information, to become application aware of the end-using experience.” The second new dashboard, for web applications, lets you see how the web services environment is performing, and is particularly applicable to e-commerce, gaming and other mission-critical applications.

The XSR12 release also integrates fully with infrastructures designed on the FlexPod converged infrastructure, providing native support of Cisco UCS servers and NetApp storage devices.

“Support for NetApp filers, as opposed to having to grab it from the datastore, allows support of the dynamic cloud environment,” Terlizzi said. The addition of support for Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisors was another necessary ingredient for full Flexpod support.

XSR12 will be released for general availability on September 29, 2014.